Early Wednesday morning, typhoon Kalmaegi wreaked havoc on UNESCO world heritage town Luang Prabang and surrounding villages. The city of about 60,000 experienced severe rain in the early hours and intermittently throughout the day. The town was flooded in numerous areas, causing traffic jams and mudslides. A down power line over Route 13, the city’s […]

It is not surprising that one of the most widely known events in recent Chinese history is unfamiliar to most Chinese citizens. 25 years after the incident on June 4th, 1989 in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, a museum has opened in Hong Kong to commemorate the tragedy. Open to the pubic, the museum is funded by the […]

Summary of Amnesty International “Exploited for Profit, Failed by Governments” (2013) “I don’t think that any country or territory has a good policy on domestic migrant workers, or migrant workers in general.  I think we’ll always have to struggle to prevent this race to the bottom.” Norma Kang Muico, Report author. Nearly six months after […]

  Earlier this year, citizens of Hong Kong were tickled to learn that ‘Hong Konger’ and ‘Hong Kongese’ had been officially added to Oxford English Dictionary. Both terms are used to describe a ‘native or inhabitant’ of Hong Kong, while the latter can also be used as an adjective to describe aspects of the city. […]

Stomach-churning images of 23-year-old Erwiana Sulistyaningsih surfaced on social media this week, once again shaming Hong Kong for condoning physical violence against migrant domestic workers. Erwiana was allegedly beaten, burned and tortured to such an extent that she was left in a critical condition. What will it take for the Hong Kong government to finally […]

Tourism has slowed in Bangkok, recently named by Forbes as the most visited city in the world, amid large scale protests took place against the democratically elected government headed by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, sister of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The protests were largely peaceful, although some violence was reported in isolated incidents outside the major ‘sit-in’ […]

As the sun rose early on Saturday, February 7th, a fire broke out in staff residences above a restaurant on the popular tourist island of Koh Rong, just off the coast of Sihanoukville. Black ash mixed with the snow white sands of Koh Rong’s most popular beach as the fire quickly spread across the wood […]